June 23, 2009

Other great blogs to be aware of

Just a quick note to NewsWatch readers. I have yet to add links of other blogs I like, but I definitely think everyone should check out Amanda Jarman and Dan Allenby and their thoughts.

Fundraising Nerd (Amanda's blog) covers a wide array of topics and she always brings ideas and news to my attention that I had never heard of, or had even considered. Plus for being a "nerd" her blog has a ton of humor. She might be the only person I know that has as much energy and passion for data mining as Josh Birkholz.

Ideas for Annual Giving (Dan's blog) is more conventional like the Newswatch, but updated far more frequently and I really appreciate Dan's selection of topics and commentary as well. Some blogs slap and paste anything with the word "fundrasing" in it online. His thoughtful approach and research can be appreciated by any one in fundraising.

I should also point out Dan likes to use the "recipe" analogy for describing predictive modeling that is a favorite of myself and Josh as well. However, while Dan suggests leaving the cooking to the chef's, Josh and I prefer to steal a line from my favorite Pixar film Ratatouille: "Anyone can cook!".

Or if the humor is lost, anyone can create good models.

Happy blog reading everyone.


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