September 23, 2009

Netflix prize awarded, a new challenge is made

Josh and I both have followed the Netflix challenge, an open-source style competition to beat out their movie matching algorithms, with a good deal of interest.

I hope that predictive analytics can have a more collaborative effort in other disciplines as well, allowing us to all benefit from insights and successes.

Note that Netflix has enlisted a new challenge, predicting movie selection based purely of bio-demographic and geographic data. This should be very intersting.

A $1 Million Research Bargain for Netflix, and Maybe a Model for Others

Even the near-miss losers in the
Netflix million-dollar-prize competition seemed to have few regrets.

Netflix, the movie rental company, announced on Monday that a seven-man team was the winner of its closely watched three-year contest to improve its Web site’s movie recommendation system. That was expected, but the surprise was in the nail-biter finish.

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