March 31, 2008

Exciting week - Josh's book is out and the Data Mining Summit

Josh's book, Fundraising Analytics: Using Data To Guide Strategy, has been formally released. He has already received wonderful feedback from people who have purchased it and read it in one afternoon. It is currently sold-out on Amazon last I checked, but you can order a copy that will be delivered once it is in stock again or you can try ordering it directly from the publisher. Pick it up!

Also, I will be in Nashville at the end of the week, attending the inaugural APRA Summit on Data Mining and Modeling. I am very excited to meet people who also have a interest, or even passion, for the work we do. Feel free to say hi, and comments/questions/critiques of this blog are also welcome. Hope to meet you there!


P.S. Josh will have a few copies of his book for sale at the APRA Summit.