February 25, 2008

APRA Summit on Data Mining and Modeling

I would be negligent in my duties as promoting data mining and predictive modeling in the area of fundraising if I didn't promote this upcoming conference. This is a fantastic new forum that will feature many of the brightest and most creative minds in our field, including my boss Josh Birkholz. The conference also coincides with the release of his new book.

I will be there as well, and hope to connect with those who read this blog for in-person discussions about where data mining and modeling is today in fundraising, and where future directions may take us.

Hope to see you there!

Summit on Prospect Data Mining and Modeling April 3 – 4, 2008

Don’t miss the first-ever APRA Summit on Prospect Data Mining and Modeling - the year's best opportunity to interact with prospect researchers and analysts engaged at the cutting edge of the advancement research field. This two-day symposium will be divided into two groups of sessions: a beginners/management track, and an intermediate/advanced track. The beginners/management track will provide a solid grounding in the goals of, methods for and approaches to data mining. The intermediate/advanced track will showcase new technologies and present case studies of effective applications of statistical methods to prospecting and prospect management.

Whether you’re a proficient data miner, or a researcher or manager contemplating a foray into data mining, this summit will provide you with fresh insights, understanding and tools to help you better understand your constituent base. If you are engaged in building your prospect pool, looking for ways to prioritize and bring focus to an unwieldy database, or seeking to discover diamonds hidden in the rough of a broad annual base of support, this event is for you.

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