November 29, 2007

SPSS Directions Panelist Notes

The SPSS Directions conference, held in Orlando last month-featured predictive analytics industry leaders, including Bentz Whaley Flessner's Josh Birkholz and the "Grandfather" of predictive analytics, Thomas Davenport.

This article reviews a keynote panelist discussion, revolved not around statistical techniques, but the presence of predictive modeling in the business industry today.

Understanding how predictive modeling is viewed within your organization, and developing ways for further integration of your work were central themes; from "simple" language to helping your organization where your predictive resources can be applied to where there might be limitations that are not obvious to others.


"You can never have enough data" - Thomas Davenport

ORLANDO, FLA. -- As part of SPSS's Directions North American Conference here Monday, all of the keynote panelists portrayed themselves as the visionaries of their respective companies. Each speaker strongly described predictive analytics as a means to elevate a company above its competition -- and, ultimately, to better serve its customers -- regardless of any corporate obstacles.

"If you know this is right, you need to just take [other executives'] criticism. Don't let them win the battle!" said Mike Hayes, senior vice president of The Bon-Ton Stores, a Pennsylvania-based operator of over 200 department stores.

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