June 14, 2007

CourseAdvisor Forms Data Mining Group to Increase Enrollments at Postsecondary Schools

Data mining is a tool being used throughout higher education. This article introduces a group recently formed by CourseAdvisor to identify prospective students. CourseAdvisor is co-presenting their approach with Eduventures through a webinar on Thursday, June 21, 2007. See the article below for more details.

CourseAdvisor, a marketing and lead generation company that operates one of the top online education directories (OED), today announced a newly formed Data Mining Group. The group works with educational institutions to learn more about their course offerings and understand the ideal profile for a successful enrollee. By employing advanced data capturing and filtering techniques to the institution’s inquiry data pool, the group identifies ideal prospective students – those with a high propensity to apply and enroll – and tailors the school’s campaign to target them. This process results in improved conversion rates of leads-to-enrollments. The announcement was made today at Career College Association Convention & Exposition.

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