September 27, 2007

Predictive Analytics frontiers: Web Analytics

Predictive Modeling and Analytics is a new and exciting tool in the development and advancement services world. Many organizations are now not only integrating these powerful tools into their current work, but also seek new opportunities to improve their organizations capacity to understand relationships and model behavior. By implementing new strategies for data collection and information, organizations recognize the gains which could increase Predictive Modeling’s utility.

The newest frontier in Predictive Analytics is Web Analytics; information gathered from website traffic is considered by many a fertile and relatively un-tapped resource of behavioral data. Applications for Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, and other non-profits vary from gauging the effectiveness of a campaign message, to the success of online giving solicitation versus more traditional methods.

This is a very informative article from Avinash Kaushik, the Analytics Evangelist at Kaushik considers the opportunities in Web Analytics, in addition to current struggles in its application, along with ideas on how to improve Web Analytics data in the future.

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics on Web Data Works? Nyet!

Strong Russian word: Nyet (No). By the end of this post I hope you’ll agree. Worst case you’ll have food for thought.

This in-depth post covers a complex topic that might not apply to everyone, but it covers an area where companies have struggled to try to show return on the investments made in skills, technology and time. The post promises clarity and guidance that hopefully will result in you saving tons of aggravation and yes even a nice chunk of change.

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics have promised a the earth, the moon and the sun for sometime now, in all channels we do business in. My personal point of view is that on the web they fall far short of even the most pessimistic promises. For now…

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