May 14, 2010

Competitive Advantage with Predictive Analytics

It is quite clear that the fundraising landscape has become more competitive for non-profits. As a result, there’s been a growing emphasis on the use of technology and analytics to grab new donors.

Given that several of the models used in the non-profit world are logical extensions of those developed in the for profit world, it’s no surprise that we frequently find the same land grab in the business world. The accompanying article discusses the use of predictive analytics in the insurance world to improve profitability. Transcending industries, one simple statement from the article underscores DonorCast’s main sense of purpose in helping clients:

“Predictive analytics are on track to become a major enabler in the success of commercial lines insurers, providing a competitive advantage over those that are either late-coming adopters or non-users all together.”

One could easily replace commercial line insurers with non-profit organizations to highlight the challenges facing organizations today.

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