July 16, 2010

Webinar on Fundraising Analytics: Dive into Predictive Modeling and Analytics

I just gave this WealthEngine Thursday workshop webinar with Jason Boley of Purdue University. Follow this link to view the webinar. It is free but requires filling out a contact form.

Here are the details:
Analytics is a science used by leading corporations for understanding customer behavior, prioritizing sales teams, and bringing efficiency to business processes. This session will highlight the application of this science to nonprofit fundraising and how it integrates your screening data with your existing prospect data. Want to learn more about how predictive modeling is accomplished? During the workshop, we will discuss how analytics are used for campaign decision making and the steps for building an in-house analytics capacity. Explore, why a “screen-then-model” method is the most effective approach, and why understanding these concepts are beneficial for both large and small fundraising organizations.

Joshua Birkholz, Principal at Bentz Whaley Flessner
Jason Boley, Director of Prospect Management at Purdue University

Follow this link to view the webinar.


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