December 6, 2006

Process Analytics

I enjoyed this blog posting by Phil Ayres. Although most of the analytics applications in fundraising are limited to prospecting or direct marketing segmentation, I believe business processes are next. The strong interest in refining performance metrics will lead to descriptive and predictive applications. This will likely start in the deployment of major giving staff. However, managing truly lifelong (yes, even before they graduate higher ed) constituent cycles, and understanding the factors impacting increased engagement will have more sophisticated approaches in years to come.

"In many cases it will make sense for the analytics to focus on purely systems-based business services in the SOA. An example is an online loan customer inquiry. In a call center environment, process analytics would typically focus on attributes like the time to answer, abandon rate, loan value, type of request, all divided by class of customer. In an online world, similar information should be provided to the business to assess the effectiveness of their website, marketing and backend application processing, but the website analytics may not be the place to most manageably gather it, especially since much of the required information would not be exposed at this level."

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