January 11, 2007

Nonprofits need to convert episodic donors

DM News, a great resource for this field, published an article on shifting marketing strategy for nonprofits. It points out that new tools are changing how nonprofits approach their constituents. Carol Cassidy from the American Red Cross said, "From electronic screening to analytics to research, a variety of cost-effective services and products are available for all sizes of nonprofits to utilize."

Many organizations are taking advantage of new advancements in prospecting and marketing technology from vendors. However, many are also bringing these skills in-house. Certainly, it depends on the size and sophistication of your nonprofit--especially the often under-staffed development/advancement services area.

"It is no longer acceptable to treat all of your donors in the same manner, no matter the source of acquisition, A fully integrated approach is becoming an expectation of the donating public."

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